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Superman - Doomsday (DC Universe Animated Original Movie)

Superman Doomsday DVD 

"Superman - Doomsday" (DC Universe Animated Original Movie)

by Suzanne 1/18/08

This is an awesome movie. Every Superman or comic book fan should get this DVD. I am a lifelong-Superman fan, and I can say that this animated movie is better than any of the other live action Superman movies. I don't know why they can't make them as good as this. It's not just the story, and the action/special effects, but I think the problem is trying to get someone cast as Superman who is believable. It's hard to find someone that is larger-than-life. They make him awfully large in the comics. To me, none of the live versions have been convincing enough (as much as I love Dean Cain, Tom Welling, and
Christopher Reeve). Indeed, George Reeves was the closest-looking to the comic book Superman.

Anyway, they did an excellent job casting on this movie. Adam Baldwin does a fine job as the voice of Superman. Baldwin was in "Angel" and "Firefly", and he is a big guy - he would have made a pretty good live action Superman as well. Anne Heche is a fabulous Lois Lane and could also easily have played her in a live movie. She's got not only a great voice but the right attitude to be Lois. James Marsters, one of my favorite actors, was also excellent as Luthor. Marsters may be familiar to Superman fans as "Braniac" on the Smallville series, but he's best known as Spike on the Buffy and Angel series. He is always great in anything.

The story is based on one from the comics about a super-alien-robot that defeats Superman. Lex Luthor is responsible for unleashing this monster robot when he drills into the earth's core. Apparently some aliens kept the killer robot there for billions of years. He is a large monster that only cares about killing. When Superman finally
defeats him, he appears to die, so they bury him. That's when the movie gets most interesting because Luthor steals Superman's body and clones him, and suddenly he has his own personal Superman to do his bidding. Lois and Jimmy, of course, get suspicious when Superman doesn't act like himself, especially when he kills the villain The Toyman after learning that he killed a child. The real Superman has a code against killing. Meanwhile, Superman's personal robot rescues the real Superman and revives him. It's just a great story and very well done. There are many many fight scenes, but they are not tedious because we are usually watching from Lois and Jimmy's point of view, or we're waiting to see where large things land, hoping that no one is caught underneath (well, that's what I always watch for in big super battles, anyway).

The DVD has a ton of commentary by the producer, writer, voice director, and executive producer. I've never cared about commentary, but those that do will enjoy this. There's also a sneak preview of the movie "Justice League: The New Frontier" which I had not heard of, but it looks really great. They only show storyboards and have guys talking, but it still looks fabulous. I sure hope it is as good as Superman Doomsday. There's an interactive game, "Superman's Last Stand Challenge" and a nice featurette and shows the actors doing their stuff, "Behind the Voice". And then there's a really long feature about the making of the comic book series this was based on "The Death of Superman". There are more features here than just about any movie DVD I've ever seen. It's really well worth buying this set because of everything you get.

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Updated 1/18/08  


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