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Max Fleischer's Superman: 1941-1942

by Suzanne 4/6/09

This DVD set includes the short Superman cartoons that were played at movie theaters along with the films "back in the day", as they say.  These were the first ever Superman cartoons or movies, based on the comic books.  The set also includes a few short features, one about Superman in general and how he came about and why people are so drawn to him; and one about the shorts themselves; and another one that gives us a sneak peek at the new Green Lantern animated movie.

These cartoons are great for kids. They have mostly action, very little dialogue.  They are not particularly violent or complicated, either.  I think older kids might find them boring and too short.  The artwork is beautiful. Any Superman fan should appreciate the set, but they do seem aimed more at a child's level.

I really enjoyed the features that pointed out the art in the cartoon and some history about it, as well as their observations about Superman coming from heroes of the past such as Hercules.  The set has been digitally remastered and is visually beautiful.

If you're a Superman fan, a parent of a small child, or simply someone who enjoys Golden Age cartoons, you will want to get this set. It's out new this week!

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Updated 4/6/09  


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