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Supergirl: The Complete First Season DVD cover


Supergirl: The Complete First Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/15/16

I watch this show every week and never miss it, along with "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Arrow," "Flash," and "Gotham!" I'm a sucker for any comic book shows or series, especially great ones like this.. The first season is a little bit uneven, but it gets better as it goes along. It's even better in its second season.

When I reviewed the first episode of the show, I didn't like it much. It definitely got better after that. I grew up reading and loving Superman and Supergirl comics, so it's hard for me to understand why they make all of these big changes. They ditched her entire origin story, really, and just copied Superman's. But I'm over it. I enjoy the show now, and the many characters.

In the first season, Calista Flockheart plays Kara's boss. She isn't around much in the second season. Mehcad Brooks plays Jimmy Olsen, so that was also hard to get used to. He's way too smooth and handsome to be Jimmy. David Harewood is great as J'onn J'onzz, Jeremy Jordan is awesome as Winn Schott, and I love Chyler Leigh as Alex.  They all get better in the second season.

I would still not have cast Melissa Benoist in the role, although the writing may really be what's at fault. I think this Supergirl is too weak and too self-doubting. Supergirl should be as strong and confident as Superman. I know that TV and movies have trouble with that concept, though. They always want to make every hero have a big weakness or some kind of personality flaw or tortured soul. I just like heroes, personally.

Anyway, it's a decent show to watch...stick with it. It has a lot of interesting characters and subplots. Plus, we get to see the movie Supergirl, Helen Slater, as her mom; and the "Lois and Clark" Superman, Dean Cain, as her dad, so that's a big plus. I wish we could see more of them, though.

The crossover episodes with "The Flash" are fabulous, and they set us up for an even better crossover in the second season. It's interesting to note that CBS did cancel this show...I guess it didn't get the numbers that they had hoped. Now their sister network The CW has it, and they've really improved it.

It's a show that's worth watching so that you can enjoy the future seasons. Otherwise, it's first season was definitely not as good as all of the other superhero shows on the air.

Enjoy this DVD set and it's very good features about the Martian Manhunter and Krypton, as well as the SDCC panel, unaired scenes and the gag reel. I sure did...


Winner of the 2016 People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama, Supergirl: The Complete First Season soars with all 20 exhilarating episodes, over an hour of extra content, including the 2015 Comic-Con panel, featurettes, deleted scenes and a gag reel. Supergirl: The Complete First Season is available now on DVD ($49.99 SRP) and Blu-ray ™ including Digital HD ($54.97 SRP).

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Page updated 12/13/16

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