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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The Complete Series

by Suzanne 10/31/07

I really loved "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and never missed an episode. I was a big fan of both "Sport Night" and "West Wing", Aaron Sorkin's previous shows, but I think Studio 60 was the best of all three. Like Sport Night, though, it never did get good ratings. It is a real shame because the writing was fabulous and it had probably the best cast of any TV show, ever.

You can read my previous review of the show. I think the reason some people did not watch it was because it had a really long title. I know that is a stupid reason, but sometimes it doesn't take much for people to decide not to check out a show. Another problem is that it came out the same time as the show "30 Rock", which is another show, on NBC, with a similar name and concept (behind the scenes at a sketch show). I don't think people could figure out that these were two different shows, and they both suffered in the ratings for that reason, even though they were both very good shows in their own ways.

Aaron Sorkin's dialogue is not for everyone. It is very rapid-fire, intellectual, manic...I love it, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Also, like Sport Night, this show was neither completely comedy nor completely drama, and some people have trouble with that idea. Both were shows you grinned while watching, occasionally laughing, occasionally feeling intense emotion - they were not feel-good sitcoms. Honestly, they were more like plays. I don't know why "West Wing" did better, perhaps because it was because it was much more a drama than a comedy.

I was very sad when it was canceled, even though we all could see the end coming for months. It was a real shame, and still is. I think that show alone is one reason I don't watch as many new shows as I used to. It's just too painful to get involved with a show and then have it ripped away. I wonder when TV networks will figure this out?

Anyway, I was very glad to get the DVD, and everyone who loves TV, or good writing, or good acting, should get this DVD to see this great show. It almost makes me sad to watch it again and lament the missed potential of future seasons.

The DVD does not have many extras. It has the usual audio commentary, and one behind-the-scenes show. I loved the feature, but it needed more. Well, perhaps the 10th anniversary DVD will have more!!

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