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Stephen King Triple Feature DVD cover


 Stephen King Triple Feature 

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 6/10/17

This set has three of the great Stephen King miniseries on TV: The Stand, The Langoliers, and Golden Years.  They were all very good in their own way. I watched them all when they original aired, since I'm a huge fan of the books.  I actually saw part of "The Stand" being filmed. We were staying in Las Vegas while they filmed many scenes there. Our hotel room overlooked it.  That was pretty cool.

I think the books are generally better than the movies (particularly "The Stand").  Golden Years was a great series, and we all hoped they would turn it into a regular series, but they decided not to.  The show ended on a cliffhanger, but they changed it on video and DVD so it would have a better ending.

Check it out! Read the book and then watch the shows.


Stephen King Triple Feature
Release Date: June 13

Description: Triple Feature of 3 classic Stephen King miniseries! The Stand: In Stephen King’s epic vision of an apocalyptic future, the few survivors of a plague-ravaged world must choose sides in a battle of good vs. evil that will decide the fate of humanity. The Langoliers: On a red-eye flight across the country, a small group of passengers awakens midjourney to discover that they have slipped through a hole in the universe. Unimaginable evil awaits if they don’t find a way back…and they are literally running out of time. Golden Years: After an explosion in a secret government lab exposes an elderly man to mysterious chemicals, he starts to grow younger every day. As he flees ruthless government agents, his incredible physical transformation is only beginning…and so is the terror.

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Page updated 6/21/17

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