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 Squidbillies, Vol. 1 (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/12/07

This cartoon is the most twisted, horrible, vile thing I've ever seen. It's about some hillbillies, but they are squids (there are some humans, snakes and other creatures in the show). It takes every awful stereotype about hillbillies or mountain folk and takes them to the extreme - the grossest, most awful extremes. And the animation is very bad.

Seriously, I don't ever want to meet anyone who finds this show funny or thinks it's their favorite show. That would be very scary. Now, maybe I'm not their ideal demographic, being a 46-year-old woman. Perhaps there are teens out there that think this is really funny. That would be the case for anyone who just likes shock for humor, as it really does go to extremes. I just don't find it funny. I am a South Park fan, and I find that show usually very funny, but not this one. Just doing something outrageous is not funny. It has to be clever and humorous.

There are many extras on the DVD that should make fans happy. There are five previous pilots, and the creators talk about them as well. There are deleted scenes and the usual extras like that. The only thing I really found funny was an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast that included the main Squidbilly character.

Avoid this show at all costs unless you like shows like "Jackass" or have a seriously twisted sense of humor.

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Updated 12/12/07  


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