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 Spin City: Season Five


  Review by Suzanne 8/17/11

I always loved this show and watched every episode when it was on TV. I was sad when Michael J. Fox left, but Charlie Sheen did a pretty good job of replacing him.  If you are a watcher of "Two and a Half Men", then you will probably love this show because it basically has the same type of humor. It's always funny. Before this, the world had no idea that Heather Locklear could do comedy, too. The show totally revived Barry Bostwick's career, too. It's got a great ensemble cast, and they are all hilarious.

The DVD set could definitely be better. First of all, there is no closed-captioning, and no options for adding any. I guess they figure that deaf people won't get the humor of the show (something tells me they would).  I'm not deaf, but I like using the closed-captioning because sometimes people mumble...

The DVD also has no extras or features. Not even unaired scenes. That is a real shame. I would have loved to have watched them. Still, it's good to have the episodes on DVD so you can watch them and laugh.

More info:

With a new location in sunny California, the popular sitcom Spin City returns for a fifth season adding superstar Charlie Sheen to the political soirée that includes the luscious Heather Locklear. The fun begins August 16 when Shout! Factory releases Spin City: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD.

Playing the suave, bon vivant Charlie Howard (Sheen), aka the new Deputy Mayor and right-hand man to Mayor Randall Winston (Barry Bostwick), Charlie is full of…helpful advice and political maneuverings that bring levity and trouble to City Hall.

Does life suck as a single man? Ask Charlie, he’s got all the answers:

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Updated 8/17/11  


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