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South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season DVD cover

South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season

by Suzanne 8/21/08

This is South Park's 11sth season. I have watched every episode for all 11 seasons. The first few seasons were the funniest, but they have done a few great episodes in the later seasons. It's just hard to watch the episodes that are not funny at all, and it's also sad that they have any of those. Usually they are not funny when they try to take off on movies, although the Lord of the Rings episode was one of the funniest ever.

This set has every episode of last season, including the three part "Imaginationland", which was very good (but really, it should have been two episodes). Every time Cartman is in an episode, it is bound to be good (I don't know why, frankly, they ever leave him out). There are many great episodes on this set, not the least of which are "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", "Cartman Sucks" and "Guitar Queer O". Anyone with a sense of humor should enjoy most of these episodes. There are two minutes in "With apologies to Jesse Jackson" that are the funniest minutes that I've ever seen on TV. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. This season the quality of the show was much improved, I thought, over the past few seasons.

The packaging for the disk set is really nice. It folds out and has great pictures from the episodes that are slightly three-dimensional. Unfortunately, the set itself has no extras aside from creator Trey and Matt's commentaries during the episodes. That's a shame. Personally, I don't care for commentaries, but I know a lot of people love them and find them insightful. When I watch a show or movie, I want to watch it, not hear a bunch of people blathering in the background about the details of how it was made. I much before behind-the-scenes specials and things like that, which are usually found separate. Not on this set.

Buy this set if you are a great South Park fan, and you won't be sorry. It should make a good Christmas gift as well for anyone with a sense of humor. It is "uncensored", though, so even though it's a cartoon, you shouldn't buy it for kids.

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Updated 8/21/08  


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