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Southland Uncensored-The Complete First Season

by Suzanne 1/19/10

This is a truly great, under-rated show. It was very frustrating when they decided not to bring it back for the second season after all (first they said it would be back, then they changed their minds right before the Fall season started. I bet they're wishing they had kept it around now instead of Jay Leno!).  I was so sorry to hear that it would not return. It's not a high melodrama, fast-paced, big action show. It's a kind of slow, interesting, well-written, well-acted show, that builds and tends to take your breath away or leave your heart in your mouth. It's intense and very real. They took great pains to make it very real. That is why it is not fast-paced, because life is not fast-paced. But it is ANYTHING but boring.

I don't know why they put this show on NBC in the first place. It would have been much better served on FX or Showtime.  This disk set shows you why because it is the uncensored version with all of the language, etc. that it didn't have on the NBC version.  It has scenes they cut out. It's well worth seeing, whether you missed it the first time around or not.

This DVD has all 7 episodes. They are also now showing them on TNT, and then will show the remaining 6 episodes of the second season that NBC did not air. I hope TNT decides to go into production with another season! It really deserves another chance. The acting is fabulous. I have to admit I only watched it, at first, because I love Benjamin McKenzie (from "The O.C."), but I stuck around because it is such a good show.

You can read my original review here.  It all still holds true, but it did get even better as time went on,  and we learned more about the characters and their lives.

The DVD also has a good "the making of" feature that helps you understand the show somewhat.  Anyone who loves L.A. or good cop shows will enjoy Southland, as I do. I'm so very happy that it's come out on DVD, so I can add it to my collection and rewatch all the episodes. What a treat!

The DVD will be released January 26th, 2010.

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Updated 1/19/10  


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