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Saturday Night Live - Best of Alec Baldwin (1975)


The Best of Saturday Night Live - Alec Baldwin (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/26/06

Alec Baldwin has been a frequent guest host for "Saturday Night Live", so that is why they gave him his own "Best of" DVD (the others have mostly been regulars on the show).  Alec Baldwin is best known as a dramatic actor, but Saturday Night Live has given him a chance to show his comedic talents, which he has done really well over the years. Recently he also appeared in "Will & Grace"; he may not have been there if not for his appearances on SNL.

This is a good set to have for any Baldwin or SNL fan.  The skits are mostly very funny.  I won't go so far as to say Baldwin is a comic genius, but he is very good at improv and mimicry.  He holds his own with the "real" comedians on the show.  This set is definitely worth buying.  If you don't laugh, you don't have any funny bone!

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Updated 2/26/06


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