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Smurfs Holiday Celebration DVD cover


 Smurfs Holiday Celebration

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 12/5/11

I think I was in college by the time the Smurfs came along, so I was way too old to enjoy them. I'm sure I would have, though, had I been the right age. They are very cute and just the kind of thing that kids love.

These two Christmas specials are adorable. In the first one, they help out an elderly couple who have no money for Christmas. It is very heart-warming. In the second special, which is a lot more involved, Gargamel tries to ruin their Christmas. He plots with a mysterious stranger. There are some missing kids's kind of complicated.  There are good Christmas songs, though.

Kids and their families should love this! Also, people who loved the Smurfs when they were kids will no doubt love the nostalgia factor, too.

There are no features or extras on the DVD, though.

More information:

Deck the halls with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Jokey and all the other true blue friends in these absosmurfly charming animated specials from The Smurfs TV series. In ?Tis the Season to be Smurfy, young Sassette Smurf discovers the true meaning of the season when the Smurfs befriend an elderly human couple who have no money to celebrate Christmas. Then, in The Smurfs Christmas Special, the wicked Gargamel plots to ruin Christmas for the Smurfs and with the help of an evil stranger, he destroys the Smurf?s village. But even with no Christmas decorations or holiday feast, the Smurfs still have a smurfy song in their hearts. Will Gargamel feel the Christmas spirit this year? Dash through the snow to give your family the smurfiest gift of the season!

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Updated 12/6/11  


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