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Smallville - The Complete Seventh Season

by Suzanne 9/2/08

I have been a huge Superman fan since I was a little girl (I have three older brothers who collected comics). I liked the movies okay, but I really loved all of the Superman series. Smallville has become one of my favorite shows and is "must see TV" for me every week. Now, this doesn't mean I don't see the flaws in the show. Sometimes the writing or acting is weak. More often than not, though, it delivers. Even though the 8th season is about to start, it has not really lost any of the quality in the show.

This season, they did not have Martha Kent around, and we saw less of Lana, Clark, and Lex than in previous seasons. The only problem with that is that sometimes there is a bit too much focus on Jimmy and Chloe. I like them just fine, but Smallville should not become the Chloe and Jimmy Show. I guess it's hard for them to keep the actors around year after year. They also killed off Lex's father Lionel, played by the wonderful actor John Glover. He will be sorely missed in season 8. They did introduce a new character, Kara - Clark's cousin from Krypton (AKA Supergirl). She is a great additon to the show.

The DVD sets are always lovely to own. The packaging is nice, with many great photos and a little booklet with more photos and descriptions of each episode. I own every season, being the Smallville fanatic that I am. The DVD's also have many fine features, and this one is no exception. There is an extra disk with many great things. Even if you've watched every episode, you will want to get the set just for these features.

First there is a little special with various comic book and TV people talking about the history of Supergirl, from when she first appeared in comics to her recent appearance in Smallville. This was fascinating. I read the Supergirl comics when I was a kid, but I didn't read the comics in the 50's, since I wasn't born yet! I hope they one day make another Supergirl movie.

Second, there is a special with the various actors who played Jimmy Olsen just sitting around, chatting about their careers and about playing Jimmy, and their thoughts about the job. It's a shame they didn't get either of the actors who played Jimmy in "Lois and Clark". I thought that was a gaping hole, especially considering the original Jimmy, Jack Larson, had played in a Lois and Clark episode. Anyway, they had Larson, who starred in the original TV show "The Adventures of Superman", and the actor who played him in the Superman movies, plus the one who played him in the recent "Superman Returns" film, and finally Aaron Ashmore, who plays him in the show. Besides the two missing Jimmys, I thought it was strange that Aaron Ashmore never mentioned that his twin brother Shawn played a character on Smallville in 2002, long before Aaron played Jimmy. It might have been nice if he had mentioned whether his brother's casting played any role in his being cast, or not. But otherwise, it was a really interesting chat and fun to watch. It is great that Jack Larson is still alive so that they can do this kind of thing.

They also have all of the "mobisodes" on the disk. I gather these were either on the Web or on people's cell phones during the Smallville season. They provide the backstory for Kara's time on Krypton before it exploded. I didn't really like them. The idea was good, but since I hated the episodes with Zor-El in Smallville, I was not thrilled to see the back story. I don't like that they made Kara's father a bad guy, basically. He was never that in the comic book and that bothered me. I know, it's silly because most of Smallville is very different from the comic books.

The last extra was a comic book that you can only see on your DVD if you play it on a computer. They basically took the episode "Hero" and told it from a different point of view, introducing other characters and bringing back the character Jordan Cross from "Hereafter" in season 3. It showed on the Smallville website as well.

It's a great show, and this was a great season. I especially enjoyed the episode "Apocalypse" because I enjoy alternate-reality episodes, and because Clark finally got to look like "Clark Kent, Daily Planet Reporter", glasses and all. But there are many fine episodes in this season for you to enjoy.

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Updated 9/2/08  


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