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Sliders - First and Second Season, now on DVD

Review by Suzanne 9/14/04

I was a big fan of this show while it was on...I kept watching it even to the bitter end, when all of the original actors and writers had left and the stories were horrible.  I am just a sucker for any story about time travel or multiple dimensions, that sort of thing.

I just watched the first two seasons again on this set and really enjoyed them all over again.  The show is great fun and has a lot of humor.  It is very entertaining, even when it's hard to believe some of the plots.  Let's face it, the writing could have been better.  But like they say in the theme song for Mystery Science Theater 3000, "it's just a show, I really should relax".  It's easy to overlook minor plot holes when a show is this much fun to watch.

If you haven't ever seen the show, it's about a young guy named Quinn, a genius, who accidentally develops a gadget that will allow him to slide between worlds, or parallel dimensions.  He brings along with him Wade (a girl that he works with at the computer store who has a crush on him), Professor Arturo (his physics professor), and Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (a singer who accidentally gets caught up in their slide as he was driving past Quinn's house).  Much like the hero of "Quantum Leap", after the first ride they just want to find their way home, but they can't.  They travel to many interesting Earths where things are either slightly different or very different.  They just try to stay out of trouble before they can slide again, but they often get involved in the lives of the people in the various dimensions.

The special effects in "Sliders" are top-notch and the acting is great.  That, along with the interesting stories, is probably what kept the show going for five years.  The first two years are definitely the best (although Sliders fans will probably hope that they come out with the next three years as well, to complete their collection).  You can see toward the end of the second season where things will go in the future stories, particularly in the next-to-the-last episode of this set, "Invasion", where they introduced the alien-like Kromags.  Apparently someone decided they wanted to bring bad guys into the show.  This was a big mistake because that's not what this show was about.  There were many fights between the writers/producers and FOX, as well as with the actors.  One by one the actors left and were replaced by actors who were better-looking but couldn't act as well or weren't as likable.  The show became more about the Sliders fleeing from the aliens and fighting against them then it was about Sliding and exploring new worlds.

I can't complete this review without complaining about the packaging of this set.  Rather than the usual plastic box with a DVD-holder that grabs the disk, this package consists of a half-box piece of cardboard, some foam rubber, and a clear piece of plastic.  I think the designers meant it to look "cool" because the disks show through the clear plastic.  But basically, it's a very cheap, chintzy piece of crap.

There were not many extras with this set, but I guess that's to be expected when they put two seasons in one box.  There is a little video of cast pictures from the show, a list of credits, and a "Making of Sliders" special, along with the usual audio commentary of the pilot.  The special was fun but a bit disappointing because it did not delve very deep and because only two of the actors were interviewed.

The set is a must for Sliders fans.  Others should definitely watch it because it's an entertaining show.

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Updated 9/14/04 


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