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 Sinbad: Where U Been? (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 3/3/10

Sinbad is pretty funny. Maybe not the funniest comedian there is, but he's definitely entertaining. He has been off of TV for a while, and doing comedy tours.  Also, he had financial problems in 2009, so this is kind of his comeback special. It's pretty funny. Like most comedy specials, it gets funnier as it goes along.

Comedy Central put together a pretty good special. I didn't think I would laugh that much, but it's not bad. It's basically comedy for middle-aged people, I would say, with jokes about relationships, race, getting old, etc. It's mostly from a man's point of view, of course, so there is some sexism, but it's not really mean humor. About a half hour in, I was laughing so hard that tears came. It's just basic, fun humor, nothing sophisticated.

The DVD is worth getting and has a "behind the scenes" special that's pretty cute, too. The special explains why he's doing the concert and why he's playing music. It's very interesting. Sinbad works hard and is funny. Why doesn't he have a TV show right now? Sitcoms are coming back into popularity, so maybe he'll get lucky.

Sinbad plays guitar and sings with a band for a brief period at the end of the show, doing 70's songs. It's pretty cool.

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Updated 3/3/10  


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