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Sigmund & The Sea Monsters - First Season

Sigmund & the Sea Monsters DVD pic

Sigmund & The Sea Monsters - First Season (Collector's Edition) (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  9/30/05

I was a child in the 70's, but I never saw this show. I have heard of the title, though, and I'm very familiar with the show's star (Johnny Whitaker) from his time on "Family Affair" and many other appearances on TV. I guess I was a little old to watch it in 1973.

The show is a fun kid's show about two boys who take in a sea monster that has run away from home.  It is a nice family show and anyone should enjoy it, especially families that are looking for good wholesome fun.  There are musical numbers, too; they are probably a little dated but kids shouldn't know the difference.

There are a few extras: the show's two stars, Whitaker and Scott Kolden, talk about their start on the show (I didn't know that Whitaker was a Mormon!).  There is also an interview with the show's writer, Si Rose, who also wrote for other Sid & Marty Krofft shows.  There's something called "Johnny's Jukebox", which is basically the songs taken out of the shows.  There is commentary on one of the episodes by the two actors.  The box says that Sid Krofft offers commentary, but I didn't see it in the Extra Features section.

This is nice for any family, or anyone who grew up with the show.

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Updated 9/30/05  


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