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Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 4/1/10

I loved this show! I was in college at the time and really enjoyed it. Of course, having handsome Bruce Boxleitner as the star didn't hurt. There were two other similar shows on the air at the same time: Remington Steele and Moonlighting. I watched all three! They all had a couple that worked together to catch bad guys, but they also were falling in love (and trying to deny it) at the same time. Eventually all three couples did get married, and their shows ended after some great seasons filled with action, romance and adventure. Actually, Hart to Hart was another similar show, but they were already married, so they didn't have that "will they or won't they" component that these did.

I would say that "Scarecrow" was more mysterious than Moonlightin and funnier than Remington Steele. In some ways, it was probably less critically acclaimed and more predestrian than the other two shows, which took more chances and had slightly better writing. But the shows were still very enjoyable, and no less so than in this second season. More characters were introduced, and the duo grew closer.  I can't wait for seasons three and four to come out on DVD, too!

The show is very family-friendly and anyone should enjoy it. Even though it is an 80's show, it is not very dated. It is a fun, All-American spy show with romance, humor, and plenty of action. I remember I was pretty disappointed when they canceled the show.

It does not have any extras or features, which is too bad, since the stars are still alive and kicking! It would have been nice to hear what they have to say. The quality of the sound and video is very good, and they do provide a nice little booklet with all of the episodes and their short descriptions.

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