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Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete First Season DVD cover

Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete First Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 3/3/10

Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a fun adventure show from the 80's that paired up "Charlie's Angels" star Kate Jackson with Bruce Boxleitner as spies. It was very 80's, very Reagan era. The show was similar in many ways to two other popular shows of the time, Remington Steele and Moonlighting. Each of these shows paired up a man and a woman, reluctantly doing a job together, and there were sparks and fireworks as they struggled to do their work without falling for each other (yet, they failed miserably in every case).

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was the most conservative of the three shows, since they were usually doing spy things against the Russians. The other two shows were private eyes, so they were not political, anyway, but they were definitely more feminist in tone. Kate Jackson's character is a housewife who gets reluctantly pulled into the spy life. She eventually proves that she is smart and capable, but the feminist tones are very muted, more like a show from the 1970's than the 1980's.

Still, the show is very good and worth watching. It is fun and exciting, with lots of adventure and humor. Jackson and Boxleitner have great charisma together. I don't know why they have taken so long to put it out on DVD. It was a very under-rated show and apparently still is. It holds up well even after 27 years. I wish I could tell you there were many extras, but there are none. That's a shame. Still, fans will be grateful to finally have the show for their collections.

Synopsis: Goodbye, PTA..hello, foreign intrigue! Single mom Amanda King leads a quiet suburban life in Washington DC until the day a dashing stranger shoves a package in her hands with instructions to give it to the man in the red hat. In no time, Amanda is dodging bullets, foiling assassination plots - and finding herself drawn to the dashing stranger, agent Lee Stetson, AKA Scarecrow. Of course, Scarecrow has no interest in a ditsy amateur spy, no matter how pretty. But she certainly is handy in a crisis! Share the season one fun with stars Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner in this fast-paced 5-Disc, 21-episode set of the lighthearted series that proves laughs and romance are powerful weapons in the battle to protect national security.

Available on DVD March 9, 2010. Official website:

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Updated 3/4/10  


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