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Lewis Black's The Root of All Evil DVD cover season 1

Lewis Black's Root of All Evil

by Suzanne 10/12/08

I love comedian Lewis Black. I enjoyed his work on Jon Stewart's show so much that I bought his concert DVD's, and I really enjoyed them. However, I don't enjoy his show on Comedy Central for some reason. To me it's just not that funny.

The concept of the show is that each week, there are two things - people, topics, whatever - and two comedians orate about which of these things is better. Lewis Black is the judge, so he decides which thing (and comic) won. The things can be two similar things, such as "Paris Hilton and Dick Cheney" (they're both people), or it can be two completely different things, such as "Donald Trump and Viagra". Yep, it's a very strange show.

If you like the show on Comedy Central, you'll no doubt love this video. There are some extras, but frankly they seem kind of thrown-together. They mostly just feature Lewis Black talking. The only thing I found remotely funny on the whole DVD is something called "Politibits", which just has Black ranting and raving. The rest - Post Show Interviews, where Black is interviewed after his ruling; Your Day in Court - where Black tells you how you should act in court; Meet Judge Black - where he talks about being judge on the show; and Meet the Lawyers, where he talks about the other comedians on the show. Mostly Black is just standing there with a white background, which is pretty boring.

Check it out to see if you think it's funny. Otherwise, skip it!

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Updated 10/19/08  


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