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Rome: The Complete Series

by Suzanne 11/23/09

The series "Rome", from HBO is a very good drama. The writing is great. Even though the cast is huge, they are all stellar. The writing makes you figure out who is whom very quickly. You will have heard of a lot of the main characters, such as Caesar, Marc Antony, and Brutus, so that also helps.

It is essentially a political soap opera, but it's not boring even if you don't care about either politics nor history. If you do care about Roman history, I'm sure you will love it. They really make everything come alive.

The producers of the show took great pains to make everything look and sound very authentic, from what I've read about the show. It certainly looks that way to this untrained eye. I must confess that when I first received the package, I thought of Monty Python's Life of Brian, which I had recently seen pieces of on TV. Especially the line "Wome is your fwiend"! Once I started watching the show, however, all thoughts of that silliness left my head as I became embroiled in the show's intrigue.

The two main characters of the show are two soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, and how they get roped into all of this fighting and political tug of war between Caesar and the senate and Pompey.

This DVD set is awesome. The cover alone blows me awake. It looks like a really nicely-bound classic book, like an expensive bible or something. It even smells like a new book! Each disk sleeve is a very sturdy page in this book and has nice photos and descriptions of each episode and features. It even has a really nice bookmark attached.

The features are great, too, as you might expect with such a wonderful set. There is a feature called "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" that talks about each of the characters (in case you do get confused about which character is which, although frankly I can't imagine it). They have a couple of features that show scenes from and discuss the special effects etc. from pivotal episodes. Another feature goes behind the scenes of the show, and another one talks about the ancient Roman culture, and still another is a photo gallery. Another feature compares the common folks and the nobles of Rome, and another one discusses the romance of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. And there are other features, along with the usual commentary. It is all very fun and interesting.

This show is definitely not for children because it has violence, blood, sex, nudity, swearing, etc. If you have older teens or college students, this show might be educational for them. They might develop an interest in history. I had a Roman history class in college. I did have an interest in the social and political stuff, but the professor was very boring. Maybe if he'd shown this series, I would have learned the history better!

I really can't imagine many people not enjoying this series or this DVD set. It would make an excellent gift, too!

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Updated 11/23/09  


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