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Rocko's Modern Life: Season Three


Rocko's Modern Life: Season Three

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 7/1/12

I really don't find these cartoons to be all that funny, but I know kids will love them. So will adults who watched the show when they were little. They were very popular cartoons.

This disk set has 13 episodes. Other than that, there is some commentary by the show's creator, Joe Murray. There are no other extras or features.

See my review for the second season DVD.

More Information:

Rocko, Spunky, Heffer and Filburt are back! Get ready for more zany O-Town adventures when Rocko's Modern Life: Season Three arrives on DVD July 3rd . Packed with all 13 wacky episodes including a murder investigation involving the Bigheads, Heffer unearthing a rare talent for belching, Filburt popping the question and the exposure of Rocko's spinach tooth, this 2-DVD set features an all-new cover art illustration and special commentary by series creator Joe Murray. 

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