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The Rockford Files - Season One

 The Rockford Files - Season One (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  3/19/06

I used to watch this show all of the time in the 70's, and I've watched it several times in reruns since.  It's a fun action show.  The main reason to watch is James Garner, one of my favorite actors. I just love him.  He's funny and gorgeous, at any age. What's not to like?

I love watching these 70's shows again because you can see so many guest stars, especially ones that became huge stars later (like James Woods).  I also love seeing the clothes, styles, hair, etc. 

If you are not used to seeing 70's shows, you may find them a little slow-moving compared to today's shows.  That's just a pacing thing that you have to get used to.

The DVD set is fine.  It only has one extra, a little interview with James Garner as he looks today.  It was interesting to watch, but way too short. I hope future sets have more interviews and other extras.

The set has dual-sided disks that are pretty common today in TV sets.  On one of the episodes, the sound was off-track from the picture...not sure if that is the case on all of them, though. I watched several episodes and only noticed it once.

Anyway, Rockford Files is the quintessential private eye show.  It has action, drama, romance and humor.  On top of all that, it has one of the best TV themes ever.  You will enjoy this so buy it!! :)

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Updated 3/19/06  


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