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 Revelations (miniseries) (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne 8/12/05

When this show premiered, I swear they advertised it as a series, not a mini-series. I'm guessing they may have hoped it would become a series, but the show was not renewed, so they decided to call it a mini-series.

I am an atheist, but I love any movie or TV show that is about good versus evil, whether it is religious or not (as long as it's well done and not preachy).  I don't mind religious fiction as long as it's made clear that it is fiction and the story is done well.  I don't believe in God in real life, but it's fun to watch a show where God really does exist and where there is usually concrete proof, like "Joan of Arcadia". I enjoy movies like "The Omen", where God and the devil exist, and God is clearly the good guy...however, I prefer it when God (or any good guy) wins, rather than the movies where the devil wins or it is left undecided by the end of the movie.  I also really enjoyed the recent show "Point Pleasant", which was about a small New England town where strange things happened because Satan's daughter came to town.

I didn't know if I'd like "Revelations" because some people I know thought it was awful.  Then again, those people didn't like "Point Pleasant", either, so I don't know why I listened to them. I was going to check out the first episode, but I missed it, and then I didn't watch after that because I was afraid I would be lost.  I think I was right to do that because an awful lot happened in the first episode! 

I'm sorry it did not return, though, because it is a good show. Bill Pullman and the other actors do a fine job.  I'm sure that some people on both sides of the belief coin will have some problems with it.  Me, I just watch it as horror/scifi the same way I watch The Exorcist or Rosemary's Baby.   It is exciting and keeps my interest.  I watched it all last night and really enjoyed it.

In this movie, a skeptical professor has had his daughter killed by a satanist.  Another little girl is made brain-dead by lightening, but she starts quoting scripture in Latin, amazing everyone (eerie echoes of the recent real-life case of Terry Schiavo here, but I ignored them because this is fiction, not real life).  A nun (Natascha McElhone) who believes that the end of the world is near and that Jesus might be on earth instead of in heaven visits the girl, who then draws a picture, which leads the nun to the professor.  The nun and the professor team up to find Jesus and fight against the satanists.  He is skeptical, but she is a true believer.  They had great chemistry and their pairing is very interesting.  McElhone reminds me of a young Jane Seymour.  I particularly enjoyed Isaiah Haden as the villain; he was great in "24" as well.

The only extras on the disk are a behind-the-scenes short and some deleted scenes.  Too bad the show didn't last longer because they did leave it open a bit at the end.

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Updated 8/12/05  


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