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Reno 911 The Complete Fifth Season DVD cover

Reno 911 The Complete Fifth Season

by Suzanne 8/21/08

For fans of the show "Reno 911", this is a good collection. It has all of last season's episodes, plus it has many extras. There are extended scenes for many of the episodes, so are you are actually geting more than what you saw on TV. Plus, it is all uncensored, so you won't hear bleeps or anything like that. The best extra is "Cop Psychology: Inside the Minds of Reno's Deputies". In this feature, the deputies are all asked questions by a psychologist. It's very funny.

I have to tell you up front that I have never found this show to be particularly funny or worth watching. In viewing these episodes, that opinion has not changed.  Maybe if there was nothing else on TV, and I was really bored, I would watch it. It's basically a spoof of the show "Cops", only instead of different cops every week, it's the same ones, so you get to know the characters. And of course these are actors, not real cops, but it is filmed just like Cops and other reality shows. There is no laugh track and no indictation that these are jokes. I just find the characters very annoying and unlikable, and the humor is not enough to make me laugh very much. That's a personal thing. I know the show is very popular and has many fans.

This is the fifth season, so you know the show gets good ratings. They also made a movie based on the show. There are 16 episodes in this set, and the show has many guest stars that show up unexpectedly. Any fan of the show will love this DVD set because of the many extras. If you like to see people acting inept and silly, you will love this show. Check it out!

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Updated 8/21/08  


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