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Queer As Folk - The Complete First Season

Queer As Folk season 1 DVD collector's set pic

Queer As Folk - The Complete First Season (Collector's Edition) (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  9/30/05

This QAF set is very well made and pretty (and not a bad price, either).  It has durable and handy packaging for each disk, plus pretty rainbow colors.  Also, it has a lot of nice extras (more on that later).

I love this show and watched every episodes, so I am a big fan.  I am not gay, and neither is my husband, but we really enjoyed it.  Sometimes watching the gay sex was a little difficult, but we got used to it. It's just that it was very graphic and most TV shows do not show gay people even kissing, let alone the rest.  I think homophobes should be forced to watch this show; it may make them more sympathetic to the gay lifestyle, or at least take some of the shock or mystery away.

At any rate, what brought us back to this show every week was the characters.  The best of the cast is Brian, played by Gale Harold.  Brian is kind of a jerk to people and very sarcastic, but somehow is also vulnerable and admirable.  Just when you think he has sunk the lowest he can, he pulls himself up and surprises everyone. It doesn't hurt that the actor is charismatic and drop-gorgeous.  Without Brian, this show would not be very interesting.

The other characters are also fun.  Michael is Brian's life-long friend, a comic-book geek and a bit of a girl.  Then there's Ted, who is a nerdy accountant.  He lacks confidence and is always going from one guy to another, or one problem to another.  It's a tribute to all of these actors' talents that none of them are gay in real life.  It's one thing playing a gay actor on, say, Will & Grace, but these actors have to do some really graphic stuff that makes them one step up from gay porn actors.  Yet they embrace it as they would any other aspect of the role.

Justin is Brian's boy-toy, the love of his life.  He is a real find and should go far in the acting world.  He looks a bit like Matt Damon but he's even better of an actor.  You really root for these two to make it through the ups and downs of their love.  Emmett is another great role because he is your typical "queen", really out there and proud, as I read somewhere else on the net.  Emmett speaks his mind and has a lot to say. He gets a lot of the best lines on the show that don't go to Brian.  Yet the actor is very good at showing emotion and doing drama, too.  The women on the show are not as interesting, but I do like Mel and Lindsay (the token lesbians).   The other prominent woman is Michael's mother, Debbie, played by Sharon Gless (one of my favorite actresses of all time).  She has a lot of funny lines and is a rarity on TV: a fat woman that is still attractive.

This set includes some episodes with audio commentary by the actors and production staff, summaries of each episode, some behind-the-scenes bloopers, descriptions of the characters and actors (some in their own words), other info about the show, promos, and sneak peeks for the 2nd season. I found it to be quite satisfying in terms of the extras.  Check it out, you will love this show!

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Updated 9/30/05  


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