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Psych DVD value pack

 Psych: Complete First & Second Seasons


  Review by Suzanne 12/29/10

Psych is a very original, fun show that airs on USA Network. The star is James Roday, who plays "psychic detective" Shawn; the other star is Dulé Hill, who plays his reluctant sidekick, Gus.  When the show first started, Gus was sort of the straight man, but the show has evolved a lot since the first season, and so has Gus. 

Shawn is an 80's slacker, raised by his cop dad to be a great detective. Shawn didn't want to be a detective, but his dad left him little choice as he drilled him on everything. Shawn left their home in Santa Barbara for five years as he kicked around aimlessly.  Shawn is very smart, although he won't admit it. Eventually he came home and had to deal with his father and his aspirations for Shawn to be a cop.

Shawn ended up using his detective insights to help the police department solve crimes. Since he didn't want to admit that he was just using his own observations and judgment, he pretended to be psychic, and they bought it. Now he runs a detective agency and helps the cops on a regular basis. Gus, who sells pharmaceuticals, helps Shawn solve the cases, as well as cover up his lie about being psychic.  Shawn and Gus have been best friends since they were little, so the show has many flashbacks to their childhood.

It is a very innovative show. They had the idea of a fake psychic long before "The Mentalist" came along.  In some ways, Shawn is a lot like Adrian Monk, except much less honest, and lazier, and without most of his mental problems.  Monk was a comedy, but it was often played seriously.  Psych is rarely played seriously. It is not only a comedy, but it is often a farce, and a very silly one at that.  It is a good mystery show and sometimes very romantic.

Since Shawn and Gus grew up in the 80's, there are many 80's references in their speech.  The show is very good at having spoofs of movies and other TV shows, like their recent excellent "Twin Peaks" homage.  The other characters on the show include Detective Lassiter, a very intense detective that always spars with Shawn and Gus; and his partner Juliet; and their boss Karen; as well as Shawn's father, Henry.  They all do an excellent job on the show of being serious when necessary and silly when needed.  Henry is played by the veteran actor Corbin Bernsen.  They also have many fabulous guest stars.

This value pack set of seasons one and two is a great deal and has the early episodes of "Psych". They are fun to watch and it is great to see how the show grows and progresses.  I would advise you to get all of the season DVD sets, but if you just want to see what the show is like, this value pack is a good start.  All of the season sets have tons of great interviews and other extras that are well worth watching for any Psych fan.  The show is now in its 5th season and shows no signs of slowing down.

Some people may find this show too silly to watch.  It is definitely one that has its ups and downs - some episodes are better than others. You should watch a few and make your own judgment. I have grown to really love the show over time. Below are links for you to buy any of the sets.

Psych: The Complete First Season

Psych: The Complete Second Season

Psych: The Complete Third Season

Psych: The Complete Fourth Season

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Updated 12/29/10  


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