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Private Practice: The Complete Fourth Season DVD cover

 Private Practice: The Complete Fourth Season


  Review by Suzanne 9/6/11

I have not watched this show regularly, but I'm sure I would like the first 3 seasons, since I love medical dramas. I just never saw it because there are too many TV shows on TV and not enough time for me to watch them all! That's what's great about having all these DVD's. Eventually, I can watch the shows. This season was great. I'm glad I got the DVD so I could watch them.

This has many actors that I have enjoyed from other shows, especially Tim Daly and Brian Benben. It's a good show, worth watching. There are not a lot of features on the DVD. It has one really long feature about the famous rape episode that they did last season. It also has the usual bloopers and deleted scenes. I wish there were more! Still, it's a good show and worth watching.

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Amy Brenneman stars as Dr. Violet Turner in the medical drama, Private Practice. With the Season Four DVD about to be released, the accomplished actress reveals her thoughts on family life, finales and 40-year-old flirtsÖ

First things firstÖ Youíre sporting a new look in Season Four of Private Practice. How did that come about?
I had my haircut this season because I wanted a change. Itís the first time Iíve cut my hair this short since seventh grade! I was really freaked out to see the back of my neck for the first time in years Ė but so far, so good. I used to have so much hair that I would spend an hour and a half in the hair chair at work every day before heading onto the set. Itís been fantastic to cut down that hair time.

What can you tell us about the surprise wedding for Violet Turner at the start of Season Four?
Itís a great surprise on the show because Cooper [played by Paul Adelstein] and Charlotte [played by KaDee Strickland] are engaged, so the audience was expecting them to marry first. Pete Wilder [played by Tim Daly] and my character are busy trying to figure out how they are going to parent their child Ė but then the big surprise at the start of Season Four sees them heading down the aisle. It happens very spontaneously, but it was a lot of fun to shoot. I was really excited about the storyline because I thought it was a great way to start the season.

Dell Parker [played by Chris Lowell] dramatically died in the finale of Season Three. How have the other characters in the show adapted to his departure?
In the first draft of the script for the Season Four premiere, there wasnít a lot of talk about Dell Ė but we all thought that he was such a huge part of the show that it needed to be spoken about. We all miss Chris Lowell dearly on set, so itís great that heís mentioned. We knew that Season Threeís finale was going to be his last episode, but we never know the exact stories of whatís going to happen until we read them in the script. I loved Shondaís sneaky plotline in that episode. All of the focus was on Maya Bennett, so it was devastating to discover the demise of Dell.

Private Practice was a spin-off to Greyís Anatomy when it first started. How easy has it been to forge the showís own identity?
Watching our show come together was like watching a child break out of the shadow of its older sibling. The cast of Private Practice is ten years older than the bulk of the cast on Grey's Anatomy, which is something that Shonda brought to the forefront. How does a 40-year-old flirt versus a 30-year-old? We tackle the concerns of a slightly older group of people, be it fertility or family or medical worries. These are not people who are starting out in their medical careers, which is what Greyís started as. These are established characters who have gone through much more in their lives.

Violet and Pete come together to raise their child, Lucas, in Season Four. Has this made you broody for more children?
Itís funny you should mention this because I am trying to persuade my husband to have a third child. Unfortunately, heís not biting right now. He says, ďI think weíre good.Ē Heís correct, we are good and I think two is probably right Ė but I love little babies. They are so cute.

Do your children understand what you do for a living?
Yes, they do. They play-act all day long Ė itís their favorite thing to do Ė so they understand pretend and make believe. If my son visits me on set, or even if Iím just talking about it, Iíll explain to him that Iím telling a story. One day my son looked at me and I said, ďYeah thatís what I do for a living. Isnít that awesome. He loved it. Itís an ancient activity, to pretend to be somebody else.

Whatís your idea of the perfect family time?
My children are now old enough for us all to relax. We live in the San Fernando Valley in California where it gets very warm, so we spend a lot of time in the water. We go to the beach a lot. I think we Ė the kids included Ė live a pretty structured life during the week, so we really donít do much at the weekends. We just lie around. Thatís bliss to us.

How important is it for children to get an education before choosing a career?
When I was younger, there was no question of me not going to college because thatís what everybody did in my family. There was no way I was going to get out of that. I went to Harvard, but I didnít study acting; I studied comparative religion. However, I was always into acting and I started by forming a theater company right out of college. I eased myself into the industry. I didnít come to Los Angeles or get an agent until I was in my late twenties. I took my time, but it all worked out Ė and now Iím happier than ever. I couldnít wish for a more fun or more interesting show to work on than Private Practice. Itís fantastic. I have the best job in the world.


An established star of film, television and theater, Taye Diggs appears as Dr. Sam Bennett in the hit ABC show, Private Practice. What does the accomplished actor think of his character? What research did he undertake for the role? And what can fans look forward to in Season Four? Read on to discover allÖ

What can you tell us about Season Four of Private Practice?
I am very proud of the show and Iím very proud of the writing this year. There are some remarkable storylines, including some heartbreaking scenes from KaDee Strickland. She did a tremendous job in Season Four and Iím very proud of her. Our television show is a lot of fun, but Iím always filled with pride when we get the opportunity to represent serious issues. Iím not going to say what happens because I donít want to give away a major storyline for this season Ė but I will tell you that you will be shocked when you see it.

What happens to Dr. Sam Bennett in Season Four? Will he finally get together with Addison Montgomery?
Thereís definitely a possibility for Sam and Addison to get together in Season Four. Obviously, the sexual tension is still there. There are a lot of furtive glances, loaded looks and whispers. Will they get together? Youíll just have to watch it and see for yourself.

Would you like to see Addison and Sam together as a couple?
I think it would be interesting to see them together because they have very different personalities. In the past, Addison has always been a little freer in life Ė but Sam is a little more buttoned-up. I'd love to see what that chemistry could yield.

Could Sam still be holding a torch for Naomi?
cannot say. Naomi and Addison are both beautiful women. Thereís a history with between Sam and Naomi. Well, they were married. But thereís a new-ness and an actual love that exists with Addison.

Is Sam ready to be a grandfather this season?
He has no choice. He has to be ready because thatís what the writing says!

How does it feel to play a grandfather when in real life, youíve only recently become a father?
Itís a little strange, thatís for sure. My son was born in 2009, so Iím nowhere near to becoming a grandfather.

Do you enjoy being a father?
Fatherhood is amazing. And Iím really excited about it because itís just going to keep getting better. Fatherhood is like nothing I could have ever expected. Itís wonderful.

Were the doctors in the hospital where your son was born aware of your role on Private Practice?
I think the nurses were more aware than the doctors. They gave us a really nice care package to take home with extra blankets and diapers, which was nice. It brought to the surface the respect that I have for the people who do this as a career.

Did you always dream about becoming a father?
Yes, I always knew I wanted a child. Or should I say, children!

Who inspired you to act when you were growing up?
My mom was in Community Theater where I grew up in Rochester, Upstate New York. She gave me the bug. She raised me and my four brothers and sisters, and then she went back to school for theater and dance. She was a very inspiring lady.

Did you have any crazy jobs when you were starting out in the industry?
Oh, sure! I was everything from a janitor to a sandwich maker. I worked in donut stores and even at Disneyland in Tokyo. What did I do there? The show was called Sebastianís Caribbean Carnival and I had to wear some wild outfits. I was the M.C. whoíd sing Day-O and other crazy Caribbean songs.

When you first joined Private Practice, did you know Dr. Sam Bennett would be such a complex character?
I knew that my character would be multifaceted because thatís how [Private Practice Executive Producer] Shonda Rhimes works. However, I didnít know how complex he would become, and Iím not sure the writers knew either. When I started on the show, I was given some background to the character Ė but I had no idea where he would go from there. I only found out when I opened up my script every week.

What research did you do for the role?
We have a great team of production staff on the show. They scheduled for me to view some actual surgeries, which was a great help. Obviously, I wasnít standing right next to the bodies during the surgeries, but I could observe what itís like to be there. I also got a few DVDs and a lot of literature on the subject. I was very well researched by the time we started shooting.

What goes through your mind when you view a surgery?
It was a complete reality check to see what heart surgeons do for a living. It was also a reality check to see an actual body on the surgery table. To be honest, I felt a little removed because I am so desensitized from watching so many surgeries on television. In practice, itís much more boring than watching TV, although itís definitely eye opening for sure.

Do you have to learn medical jargon for your role as a doctor?
I do, and itís tough. Thatís something I always struggle with, so I always have to get my scripts a couple of days in advance. I need to really memorize those words because we try to be extremely accurate on the show.

Do you think you could perform some of the medical procedures your character talks about on Private Practice?
No way. I get extremely nervous when they set me up with the fake blood and the fake heart on set because it feels like weíre really going into surgery. It feels very real. Iíll be performing and Iíll notice my hands are shaking because itís so nerve-wracking.

Not only are you an actor, a singer and a performer, but youíre also an author. What can you tell us about your book?
When I was a kid, I grew up in a neighborhood where nobody looked like me. I was the only black kid in my school, so when I got older I wrote a poem about what it felt like to look different. I got with my best friend, Shane Evans Ė a great illustrator Ė and we wrote a childrenís book about self-esteem called Chocolate Me.

Do you see yourself as a role model for other black people?
I donít see myself as a role model, but I gladly accept and understand that I am Ė and I don't shy away from that. I think both of Shondaís shows Ė Private Practice and Greyís Anatomy Ė are great for representing African-American people. Shonda sets a great example for people of any color, creed or background. I like that sheís setting such a strong example with having such a diverse cast. She mixes up relationships and represents things that are happening in the real world, which is what I love about working with her. Sheís fantastic.


Actor Tim Daly is widely respected for his appearance in the television sitcom, Wings, as well as for his recurring role in The Sopranos. Today, the accomplished performer is most known for his role as Dr. Pete Wilder the hit medical drama, Private Practice.

In this exclusive interview, Daly reveals his thoughts on Season Four of Private Practice.

What can you tell us about Season Four of Private Practice?
Weíve had a lot of fun filming Season Four and there are lots of plots and interesting twists for all of the characters on the show. When it comes to Pete Wilder, we find out that he witnessed his mother murder a guy when he was younger. Peteís mother is a drunk with a long string of men, but the one guy that stuck around? Pete witnessed her stab him to death.

How does the truth come out after all this time?
Violet [played by Amy Brenneman] pushes Pete to reveal it. He doesnít want to talk about it and he doesnít want to revisit it. Even after all these years, itís still a fresh wound for him Ė but he eventually opens up and reveals everything to her.

Season Four opens with marriage on the cards for Violet and Pete. Are they destined to become the perfect couple?
I fear that they are just avoiding their inevitable downfall because Private Practice isnít known for being a show where relationships work out. At the start of the season, I assumed that weíd have a couple more episodes of happiness before everything turns bad Ė but I could have been wrong on this one. The problem is, happiness is inherently not dramatic.

So you donít think they will live happily ever after?
I donít know. Pete has Addison's permission to be with Violet, but that doesnít mean anything. A lot of our storylines are based on how happy Pete and Violet were once upon a time Ė but they were only happy for 15 minutes. Thereís a myth in the fan base that everything was fantastic when they are together, but people donít really know the truth.

Is there any possibility of Pete and Addison rekindling their romance?
Addison is deeply into her thing with Sam. I don't know if any of that stuff is going to resurface, but so far Addison and Pete have been happy colleagues. I hope they leave it at that for now.

As a result of Violet and Cooperís friendship, will we see a similar relationship develop between Charlotte and Pete?
I think that they are interesting to put together because Charlotte is so hard and critical, but Pete is to this point. Pete is a humanist and he tolerates the gray areas of life, which is something Charlotte struggles with.

What do you think of Peteís gradual journey from being so uptight to being more open and warm?
It was a dramatic change, but I believe that people can alter their path. Itís not always easy, but Pete had a big episode in his life that shook him out of his complacency. That happens sometimes. Sometimes people build up to making a change over a long period of time, and then it suddenly happens. But being reborn is painful and interesting, and people reinvent themselves as something else. I do like that about him.

How good are you at taking advice?
I'm good at it and bad at it because I have a very difficult time being definitive about things. Once I am, I'm good. But itís the decision-making process and the advice that I solicit. Iím a Pisces, which my sister tells me is the sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions at the same time. Itís very easy for me to make a scenario where I empathize with everybody with both sides of an issue Ė and it drives me insane.

Youíre the male spokesperson for a breast cancer charity, which is quite unusual for a guy. Why did you get involved?
A dear friend of mine fought this disease and her husband was so profoundly affected by it that it made me realize how breast cancer is important to men as well as women. These are our wives, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters who are fighting the disease. Thatís why I decided to get involved Ė and Iíll continue to do so for a very long time. Itís a very important charity thatís close to my heart, and I do everything I can to help out.

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