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Pet Alien

 Pet Alien - Atomic Tommy and - Aliens Unleashed (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  2/26/06

I don't know much about modern cartoons, aside from Justice League Unlimited, the FOX ones like Family Guy, and Boondocks. So I had never heard of this one before when I got it on DVD. This is definitely aimed at kids. Personally I am not too fond of this type of 3-D computer animation (unless it's done really well, like Shrek or Toy Story). I prefer flat animation (regular cartoons).

As for the writing and all's cute.  It's meant for kids, from what I can tell..  Kids and teens should love it. For adults...well, if you really like animation, you might like this.  If you don't have something better to do, then watch it and you shouldn't be too bored.  It's very silly and fun, but it's just not my type of thing.

These sets have a total of 8 shows to watch.  There are no extras. I really don't know why they would only put four episodes per disks...that's not a very good value for your money.  Then again, these are not very expensive sets.

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Updated 2/26/06  


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