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Perry Mason: The Complete Series DVD cover


Perry Mason: The Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 10/2/16

This is one of the best shows ever on TV. It was the first good and successful legal show, and with good reason. Although it did repeat the same formula over and over (that was common back then), the characters were very likable, smart and someone the viewers could really look up to as well as relate to.

Perry Mason is a defense attorney who not only gets his innocent clients off, but he finds the real killer and usually makes them confess while they're on the stand. It sounds silly now, but that was great television back in the day.

I was not yet born when the show started in 1957, but I saw most of the Perry Mason episodes later on, in re-runs. Also, there were many Perry Mason movies that I watched, well into the 90's. I always loved them.

There were 271 episodes, 9 seasons (not counting the movies). Raymond Burr always did a fabulous job, as did the other actors in the show, mainly Barbara Hale (his faithful secretary and sidekick, Della), William Hopper (his investigator, Paul Drake), and William Talman (D.A. Hamilton Burger, who somehow kept his job, even though he always lost to Perry). There was also a policeman, Lt. Tragg (Ray Collins).

It's great to have all of these episodes in one set. I love watching them again. It's been many years since I saw them. They still hold up, even, despite being so old. Sure, they're a little slow and sometimes dated (times have changed in 50 years!), but the basic stories are good. It's also nice to see lots of familiar faces pop up in the guest stars.

If you love classic TV shows, you should love this set. There aren't a lot extras, sadly. I guess they saved those for the anniversary set. Still, it's good to have all of the episodes. If you want the movies, you'll have to buy that in a separate set.


Perry Mason: The Complete Series
Street Date: October 4

All nine seasons of the longest-running legal drama in television history are now available in this unique complete collection! Series based on the bestselling novels by Earle Stanley Stanley Gardner. Raymond Burr stars in his Emmy Award winning role of the brilliant criminal defense attorney Perry Mason. Also starring Barbara Hale in her Emmy winning role as Perry's loyal secretary Della Street, William Hopper in Emmy nominated role as private investigator Paul Drake, Ray Collins as Police Lieutenant Arthur Tragg, and William Talman as District Attorney Hamilton Burger. The star-studded series includes 271 unforgettable episodes!  

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Page updated 10/19/16

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