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Penny Dreadful: Season 1 Blu-ray cover


Penny Dreadful: Season 1

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 10/10/14

This is a really good show. The acting, the writing, the special effects, and the make-up are very well done. The story is gripping, shocking, lurid, funny, sexy, and sometimes may make you cry. It can be really dark, so if you don't like explicit violence or lurid sex, you may want to skip it.

I found the beginning to be pretty slow, but it does pick up a bit. It's often very creepy as well. It doesn't have a lot of blood and gore, but there's some. The story is about Victorian England, and it features vampires, Frankenstein, Dorian Grey and more.

Eva Green plays a woman with a sordid past who is helping a world-renowned explorer track down his daughter, who's been taken by Count Dracula. It sounds silly and cartoonish, but it's anything but. Timothy Dalton is fabulous as Sir Malcolm Murray. The gorgeous Josh Hartnett is an American fast-shooter who helps them out and has his own demons. Green has the best role and plays it very well. She goes places that few actresses get to go. There are many other wonderful characters, including Billie Piper (whom you may remember from "Doctor Who") as prostitute with tuberculosis. It's a very intense and dark show, yet somehow also enjoyable.

The DVD has some really good features that tell you about how the show came about and explore how they made the sets and prepared it all as well as some history to help you out. There isn't too much about the actual story, and very little from the actors. I can only conclude that they were concerned that there might be too many spoilers if you watched the features before the show. I hope that the season 2 DVD has more from and about the actors. If you like good horror and drama, check this one out! I found it riveting. I don't have Showtime, so I can't wait for season 2 to air and then come out on DVD so I can watch it.




The acclaimed SHOWTIME® original series PENNY DREADFUL – SEASON ONE will arrive on Blu-ray Disc and DVD October 14.  From Showtime Networks, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution, the Blu-ray and DVD collections will include every episode of the series’ first season,celebrated by critics as “scary, seductive, surprising, and smart” (NPR) and “solidly entertaining, well cast and oozing with atmosphere” (Variety). Both Blu-ray and DVD collections also boast extensive special features that delve into the gripping thriller.

From three-time Oscar® nominee John Logan (SkyfallHugo, Gladiator) and Oscar winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall), PENNY DREADFUL is a frightening psychosexual drama that weaves together classic horror origin stories into a gripping series that is “moody, mystical and wonderfully twisted” (Cleveland Plain Dealer). PENNY DREADFULstarring Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down), Timothy Dalton (The Living Daylights) and Eva Green (Casino), completely reinvents literature’s most famous characters. Icons of terror such as Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and timeless figures from Dracula join a core of original characters in a dark and brutal quest to save a soul – even as they grapple with their own monstrous temptations.

The series also stars Reeve Carney (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark), Rory Kinnear (Skyfall), Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), Danny Sapani (The Bill) and Harry Treadaway (The Lone Ranger). A co-production of Sky Atlantic, PENNY DREADFUL was created, written and executive produced by John Logan and executive produced by Logan's Desert Wolf Productions, along with Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris (Revolutionary Road, Call The Midwife), both of Neal Street.

 PENNY DREADFUL – SEASON ONE includes the first eight episodes of the series as a three-disc collection, and will be available for the suggested retail prices of $48.99 US and $52.99 CAN (Blu-ray) and $42.99 US and $47.99 CAN (DVD). The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080p high definition with English TrueHD 5.1, and Spanish 2.0 Stereo with English subtitles and English SDH. The DVD is presented in Widescreen 16:9 with English 5.1 Surround, English 2.0 Surround, and Spanish 2.0 Stereo with English subtitles. The Blu-ray and DVD are Not Rated in the U.S. and rated 18A in Canada.  The total running time is approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes. The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One

·       Night Work

·       Séance

·       Resurrection

Disc Two

·       Demimonde

·       Closer Than Sisters

·       What Death Can Join Together

·       Possession

Disc Three

·       Grand Guignol

Special Features:

·       Ray Donovan: Season One, Episodes 1 & 2

·       What is a Penny Dreadful?

·       Literary Roots

·       Coming Together

·       The Artisans Pt. 1

·       The Artisans Pt. 2

·       The Grand Guignol

·       Prostitution and Sex in Victorian Times

·       British Exploration & The Search for the Nile

·       The Science of Medicine

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 10/15/14

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