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Review by Suzanne 5/28/07

The Original Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection

Original Nancy Drew DVD cover

This is something kids will like, particularly little girls, IF you can get them to watch a black and white show.  This ran as a series of short movies in the 1930's, so I'm guessing that kids watched them at the matinees.  They are releasing these because of the new Nancy Drew movie coming out.

To me it is hard to watch because it's kind of boring, aimed at kids back then.  I think kids and elderly people will like to watch it (or any devoted Nancy Drew fans).  It says that it's a "complete set", but there are only four "episodes".

The star is Bonita Granville, a sort of long-faced girl who reminds me a little of Chloe in "Smallville".  The other characters involved in these movies include her dad, who was also prominent in the books, and her school friends. 

The only extras on this set are some theatrical trailers.  It is not a very expensive set, so it is worth the price anyway.

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Updated 5/28/07 


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