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Once and Again -
The Complete Second Season

 Once and Again - The Complete Second Season (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  1/2/06

This may be the whiniest TV show that has ever been on.  They should have just called it "Fortysomething". I thought "Thirtysomething" was whiny, but the people in this show take the prize.

I really tried to like this show because it's basically a soap opera, and I like soaps.  It has Sela Ward, who I really enjoyed in "Sisters", and Billy Campbell, whom I've loved in other movies and TV shows.  But after watching just a few episodes of these self-indulgent selfish people, I just wanted to take out a machine gun and kill them all.  That's how annoying they are.

Maybe the problem is that the show is too much like real life. We all have our own problems with marriage, family, kids, job, etc. so why would we want to watch a TV show where people are having those same problems and arguing constantly about them?  It's just too much.

Everyone in this show is "sensitive" and always sharing their feelings.  BLAH!!  In that way it's not like real life at all.  Nobody is this bad, this self-involved, or this wussy.  And I found Sela Ward's character to be particularly unlikable as well.

I also found the show to be very slow-moving and boring at times.  I really don't understand how it could drag on for three seasons.

Then, on top of everything else, the characters have this gimmick where they talk directly to the camera about what they are thinking. They look like they are in these old bank ads that we saw in the 80's where the people from the bank talked about how great their customers were (you may have seen them make fun of the ads on "Saturday Night Live").  It is an annoying gimmick.

The DVD has the standard packaging and the only extra feature is an interview with the show's creators.

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Updated 1/2/06  


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