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The Millers: Season 1

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 8/21/14

I watched this show when it aired back in 1999, and I loved it. I watch most scifi shows, but also I loved Eric Close ever since I saw him on "Santa Barbara" years ago. He's been in tons of shows, most of them canceled, until he finally got a ratings winner in "Without a Trace" in 2002.

It's unfortunate that this show didn't last longer than a year, but I'm glad to have it on DVD finally. I think people who weren't scifi fans probably had trouble believing that John Goodman could become Eric Close, or the other fantastic things in the show. Scifi fans maybe have just dismissed it as a "Six Million Dollar Man" or "Robocop" rip-off.  Perhaps some people thought it was too low-key, or too intelligent (not enough action).  Or perhaps they were wondering why a 32-year-old is playing a 25-something year-old guy.  Also, it has some very strange and offbeat humor, so maybe that turned some people off.  I hope people can discover it now because it's very good.

You can see Margaret Colin as his wife; she's always fantastic. It's a shame she didn't get more successful shows in her career.  At least she did get to play a good role in "Gossip Girl" for a while.  You also get to see a younger Dennis Haysbert before he went on to great success in "24" and "The Unit"! Not to mention those Allstate ads.

The show's beginning really stays with you; watching it now, I immediately remembered the chilling murder scene at the beginning. The way they did John Goodman's "death" is pretty weird, too. All in slow motion and almost like a comic book.

John Goodman plays the protagonist at the beginning of the show, when he's just a husband and insurance agent. Then later, they turn him into Eric Close.  Check it out and you'll really love it, like I do. Glenn Gordon Caron created the show. I loved his other shows, "Moonlighting" and "Medium", too.

There are many excellent features.  There's one called "On the Set" that's obviously from way back when the show aired, judging from how young they all look. "Gimme a Sign" is a new one they made for the TV. It's long and has many parts. Great for us fans!  Lastly, there's a writer's roundtable with the show's creator Glenn Gordon Caron and the other writers.



Every Episode Of The Drama From Glenn Gordon Caron Starring Dennis Haysbert, Eric Close And Margaret Colin Makes DVD Debut August 26 Packed With Newly Produced Special Features 

You only live twice in the gripping series NOW AND AGAIN. Hailed as “stylish, clever, and unpredictable” (People) and “a joy ride full of surprises” (New York Daily News) upon its broadcast premiere in 1999, the drama stars Eric Close, Dennis Haysbert, Margaret Colin and Heather Matarazzo.

From the creator of Moonlighting and Medium, Glenn Gordon Caron, NOW AND AGAIN: THE DVD COLLECTION arrives August 26 as a five-disc set including all 22 episodes of the series, along with all-new bonus material exclusive to the collection from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution.
Special to this release are several must-see, in-depth featurettes that delve into the making of the critically acclaimed series. A special highlight is the four-part documentary, “Gimme A Sign: Engineering Now And Again,” which features newly filmed interviews with the cast members including Eric Close, Dennis Haysbert, Margaret Colin, Gerrit Graham,
Heather Matarazzo, Chad Lowe, along with Glenn Gordon Caron, director and executive producer Ronald L. Schwary, and writers René Echevarria, and Michael Angeli.

Plus, “Now And Again: On The Set” takes fans on location with behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the series, including interviews and footage filmed during its production. Also, “In Conversation: Writing Now And Again” includes fascinating interviews with the series creator Glenn Gordon Caron and members of the show’s writing staff as they discuss the process of crafting the series-long story arc, and share details on some of the ideas that were in development had the show been picked up for a second season.

Insurance salesman and family man Michael Wiseman is tragically killed in a subway accident, leaving behind his wife (Colin) and daughter (Matarazzo). Little do they know that the U.S. government, with the help of Dr. Theo Morris (Haysbert), preserved his brain and inserted it into a new, genetically bio-engineered body (Close) to use as a top-secret weapon.  Artificially created for physical perfection and superhero strength and agility, the new and improved Michael – with Morris as his mentor – takes on deadly terrorists, corrupt agents, killer bugs, and an extremely dangerous international criminal known as “the Egg Man.” However, Michael can never let his wife and daughter know his true identity, and is forced to watch from the shadows as they grieve for the man he used to be.

NOW AND AGAIN: THE DVD COLLECTION will be available in 4x3 Full Screen with English Stereo audio and English SDH subtitles. It will be available for the suggested retail price of $42.99 U.S. and $47.99 CAN. The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:

·       Origins

·       On The Town

·       Over Easy

·       One for the Money

·       The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice 

Special Feature:

·       Now and Again: On The Set

Disc Two:

·       Nothing to fear But Nothing to Fear

·       A Girl’s Life

·       Pulp Turkey

·       By the Light of the Moon

·       I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face


Disc Three:

·       Fire and Ice

·       Disco Inferno

·       I Am The Greatest

·       Film At Eleven

·       Deep In My Heart Is A Song


Disc Four:

·       Everybody Who’s Anybody

·       Boy Wonder

·       Lizzard’s Tale

·       There Are No Words

·       The Bugmeister


Disc Five:

 The Bugmeister, Part Bee

·       The Eggman Cometh

Special Features:

·       Gimme A Sign: Engineering Now And Again

o   Part One: Genesis

o   Part Two: New Life

o   Part Three: Remembrance

o   Part Four: Timelessness

·       In Conversation: Writing Now and Again

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Page updated 8/21/14

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