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Nip/Tuck - Season 5, Part 1

by Suzanne 12/25/08

I always knew I would like Nip/Tuck, but I never watched it. I planned to watch it all on DVD but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd read that it was very good, and darkly humorous, and I already loved the actor Julian McMahon.

So I was pleased to get this DVD set. It is the past season, cut short by the writer's strike. After 4 years, I'm sure the show has gotten very different. To me, it's all new. This season, the two main characters move from Miami to Los Angeles to start a new practice.

If you don't like gross stuff (i.e., lots of sex, blood, and some vomiting, other bodily excretions), you will probably not want to watch the show. I am not overly fond of it, myself, but it's worth it to watch the show. The writing is excellent. However, sometimes things are kind of sick and twisted, so you really do not want to watch the show unless you like that sort of thing.

This is not a show for children of any age, that's for sure. It's a very good, sexy, adult show with lots of humor and pathos. All of the actors on the show are excellent. They have some of the best Hollywood talent on this show.

In some ways, you might see the show as the male "Sex and the City", but it's not really a guys-only show. Also, these guys are far more screwed up than the women in that show could ever be. It's definitely a soap opera with lots of dark humor thrown in.

You definitely want to watch this show if you like good drama and like to be entertained.

The DVD set is named "Season Five Part One". I think I read recently that they plan to air part two in the fall. There aren't a lot of extras. There is one behind-the-scenes show about this season, their move to L.A. There are some deleted scenes and a gag reel. That's not much, but it's a good set of shows anyway.

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