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 New Tricks: Season 4

  Review by Suzanne 6/17/11

I really enjoyed this British series. I think they should make a U.S. version, in fact. It would be great.  The premise of the series has 4 retired cops working together on a special unit for cold cases. It's kind of like Cold Case meets Grumpy Old Men. It is a cop drama, but it has a lot of humor. It features actors that British TV fans will recognize from othershows.

Imagine if they did something similar here in the US with 80's cop show vets. It would be great! I really love this show and I'm going to have to get the first three seasons now. It only has 8 episodes, but that's the way it is with British TV. There are no extras on the disk, which is a pity.

Still, it's well worth buying because it's a really good show. It's won all sorts of awards, and you will see why if you get it.  Anyone should love it, from any age, in any country.

The three "old guys" work under a beautiful police superintendent, Sandra, and she is great. I can see this part played by Kathleen Turner or Jane Curtin. I hope Lee Majors would be great as one of the old guys.

Check it out!

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Updated 6/17/11  


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