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Columbo - The Complete Third Season

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 The ABC Mystery Movie (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  8/23/05

All of these shows - Columbo, McCloud, and McMillan & Wife - aired on Sunday nights in the 70's, every 3 or 4 weeks, under the umbrella title "ABC Mystery Movie".  Since the DVD's are all coming out at the same time, I figured it made sense to review them together.  However, you do have to buy each one separately.

I previously reviewed the second season DVD for Columbo.  The third season is pretty much the same thing--great drama with solid acting and wonderful guest stars. Peter Falk is always fun to watch and never disappoints.

McCloud stars Dennis Weaver (whose previous claim to fame was starring as Matt Dillon's sidekick Chester in "Gunsmoke") as a New Mexico cowboy-cop who comes to NYC to investigate a murder and ends up staying on the force.  He applies his small-town western sensibilities to big-city problems.  This set has both the first and second seasons of the show.

McMillan and Wife brought us big movie star Rock Hudson as Commissioner McMillan of San Francisco, and actress Susan Saint James as his slightly-ditsy wife.  They had great chemistry on this show; they were very believable as husband and wife.  There were some fun "characters" on the show, including John Schuck as McMillan's sidekick cop and Nancy Walker as their chatty housekeeper, Mildred.  I always loved this show best out of all of the Mystery Movie shows, I guess because it was a little lighter and more fun.

All of the shows in the ABC Mystery Movie were great, and it's super that the DVD's are finally coming out for all of the shows. I wonder if "Hec Ramsey" will be next (another one of the series)?  I just wish there were more extras on all of the disks and more episodes in each set, since they didn't air every week.  It would be more convenient to have them all together in one set instead of having only about 15 episodes per set.

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Updated 8/23/05  


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