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Monk -  Season 3


Monk Season Three (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 8/13/05

The show is always great, as is star Tony Shalhoub.  However, I think the writers were having a little trouble with the third season, trying to figure out how to keep the episodes fresh. I mean, after a few years of therapy and help from his nurse, it was getting kind of hard to believe that Monk would still be so messed up.

It didn't help that Bitty Schram (Sharona) left midway through the season, due to a contract dispute, or that the show took a four-month break between August and January.  When it returned, Schram was replaced by Traylor Howard (Natalie), a much younger, blonder, and cuter woman to aide Monk in his sleuthing.

I much prefer Sharona to Natalie, but Howard does a capable job of playing Monk's sidekick, and her arrival gave Monk something new to complain about.  Each season, it is interesting to watch how the writers make Monk a little more "normal", but then they have to do something to make him go back to being a head case (otherwise the show won't be that interesting).

If you like comedies with quirky characters, or nice little detective shows, you can't go wrong with Monk!

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Updated 8/13/05  


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