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Misfits season 1 DVD cover


  Misfits Season One

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 8/16/12

This is a low-budget British sci-fi show about a group of young people who are hit by some strange storm while they're out doing their community service. These are not criminals, just people who have gotten in trouble for minor things. The storm gives them strange powers, but not necessarily good ones that you would want to have. Other people in their city are also affected. The fun of the series is discovering who has what powers and how it changes their lives.

The writing is really good. The plot twists and turns in unexpected ways to keep you interested. It is not a super-villain-of-the-week type of show.  However, if you're looking for cool costumes, this is not the show for you. It's more like Alphas or Heroes than Spider-man or Batman. However, it is better than both of those shows.

The cast is good-looking, but they are not absurdly handsome like they are on American TV shows. They look more like normal people. Since it's a British show, there is nudity and lots of foul language. It doesn't bother me, but you may not like it if you are squeamish about that sort of thing. It's not generally a gross show, with lots of blood and gore.

Really, the only thing I didn't like is that one of the main characters, Nathan, looks and sounds like a teenager, not the young adult he's supposed to be. His voice even sounds like it's changing half the time. It doesn't help that his character lives with his mother.  So when he's drinking and having sex with an obviously-older woman, it seemed a bit perverted.

All of the actors are very good, though. Each one is very distinct so you don't have any trouble telling them apart, and they do a bang-up job, as they might say. I especially like the actor Iwan Rheon, who plays Simon.

If you're a fan of great British drama, of scifi, you'll love this. There are some awesome features, as well. You can read about them below. I really enjoyed the whole DVD set.


For The First Time In North America, BBC Announces 'Misfits: Season 1' On DVD July 31


*"Brilliantly written and psychologically astute, Misfits is one of the best shows I´ve seen in ages..." - Slate*

*New York - July 27, 2012 -*The award-winning, critically acclaimed series Misfits: Season One is available on DVD for the first time in North America on July 31, 2012. The provocative show GQ called "outstanding" proves that superpowers, hormones and court-ordered community service are an entertaining mix The DVD includes an exclusive collector´s free t-shirt offer.

Written and created by Howard Overman (Merlin), Misfits took home the 2010 BAFTA TV Award for Drama Series and continues to earn international acclaim.

Kelly (BAFTA-winner Lauren Socha), Nathan (Robert Sheehan, The Borrowers, Season of the Witch), Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Alisha (Antonia Thomas), and Simon (Iwan Rheon) are five unruly teenagers forced to do community service as payback for their crimes. But when a freak electrical storm hits their town, strange things begin to happen to the gang as they discover that they have each developed a superpower, one that reveals their deepest, darkest insecurities. Though they just want to finish their community service and get through the challenges of everyday teenage life - relationships, friendships, parents and sex - fate has another task in store for them: they must save their town from the evil that has descended upon it. With abilities ranging from invisibility to hearing people´s thoughts, these young malcontents are going to learn that having great power sure can get in the way of having a great time.

In 2011, Misfits premiered exclusively in the U.S. on Hulu and Hulu Plus, and is launching on Logo starting July 19, 2012. In Canada, the series premiered in Spring 2010 on Showcase and on BBC Canada.

Bonus features include:

- Making of Misfits

- Cast and Crew Interviews

- Simon´s Films

- A collector´s item that can´t be missed- an exclusive Misfits t-shirt with every DVD.

*About BBC Worldwide Americas:*

BBC Worldwide is the main commercial arm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). BBC Worldwide Americas brings together all of BBC Worldwide businesses across North and South America. The company exists to maximize the value of the BBC´s assets for the benefit of the UK license payer, and invests in public service programming in return for rights. The company has five core businesses: Channels, Content & Production, Sales & Distribution, Consumer Products and Digital. Under these businesses fall two key brands in the U.S. - digital cable channel BBC AMERICA and BBC Worldwide Productions, the production arm responsible for the smash hit Dancing with the Stars.

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