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Miami Vice - Season One

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Miami Vice: Season One (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/15/05

I have to confess that I was probably the only college kid that did not watch "Miami Vice" back in the 80's. I watched "Falcon Crest" instead because I had been a long-time "Dallas" fan and Falcon Crest came on after that.  However, I did catch the show in the 90's in reruns and really loved it.  I made a point of watching it at midnight every day until I was caught up.

Don Johnson is one of the reason I loved the show, but there wasn't much not to love about it.  It was fast-pasted and had plenty of gritty action and great music, not to mention stylish designs.  The acting was spotty (except for James Olmos), but the guest-stars were great.

This long-awaited set does the show justice.  There was some fear among fans that the DVD would not have the same great music that it had in on TV because of the legal rights to the music.  They did it right and got the correct music, which is an important part of the show., and it's even in Surround Sound.

Besides the show's episodes, there are five shorts about the show, its affect on pop culture, how it came together, the music, and even the city of Miami itself.

It was really a fun, exciting, show, even though its subject material could sometimes by grim.  Nowadays it's great to watch because you get to see all those old 80's styles and some actors before they were big (like Bruce Willis).  The DVD set is really awesome and rad, dude, so buy it!

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Updated 7/6/05  


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