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Mannix: The Complete Series DVD cover


 Mannix: The Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 6/1/17

I used to watch this series some when I was a child, but I don't remember if it was during its original run, or if I saw it in re-runs in the 70's. I do remember that I always liked Mike Conners, who played the square-jawed handsome hero of the show.  His show was on for 8 years, between 1967 and 1975, so I probably saw it more in the later years.

Until I saw the DVD set, I didn't realize that Mannix worked for a firm in the first season with high tech computer equipment. That was kind of fun to see. I just remember him as a private eye, and with his secretary, Peggy. I had completely forgotten, too, that Robert Reed (the dad on "The Brady Bunch") and Larry Linville (Frank from "M*A*S*H) were on the show.

I do recall that the show was pretty violent, but it's kind of like cartoon violence, typical of the shows back then. Mannix gets beaten up an awful lot, and he punches a lot of people, too. Other people get shot and fall down, dead. Not Mannix. He doesn't seem to get hurt too much, considering all that happens to him.

The stories are very good and still hold up today. If you're not used to watching older shows, this may seem very slow to you. TV shows moved a lot slower back then, and the plots were not too complex. Which is fine with me.

There are quite a few extras in this DVD set, which is unusual for a show this old.  They have some interviews, audio commentares, clips from talk shows and more. Check it out!


Mannix: The Complete Series
Release Date: May 9, 2017

Description: "PRIVATE EYE, AMERICAN ICON. Before Magnum P.I., before Miami Vice, before CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, there was Joe Mannix, the private investigator who defined cool for an entire generation. Now you can own all eight seasons of one of the most iconic series in television history. Golden Globe winner Mike Conners stars as the tough talking, hard-hitting detective. With his loyal assistant Peggy (Golden Globe and Emmy winner Gail Fisher) at his side, he's always on the case and he always solves the crime. Here are all 194 episodes together, that bring the action, the music, and the style of an era back to life. Developed for televisions by Executive Producer Bruce Geller (TV's Mission: Impossible), Mannix cruises the mean streets of Los Angeles, cracking cases that feature an array of ne'er-do-wells, from the most dangerous of criminals to the syndicates of high society.

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