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Magnum, P.I. - The Complete First Season and Second Season


Magnum, P.I. (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 9/23/04

I didn't watch Magnum when it aired on TV in the 80's, so watching the show on DVD is a real treat for me.  It's like having a brand new show to watch.  I have seen the show a few times in reruns, but not very much.

I didn't like Tom Selleck much back then. I think it was the mustache. I am not a big fan of guys with dark hair and bushy mustaches.  Knowing me, the show was probably on opposite some other show I liked (and there were very few VCR's back then).  Also, I think his voice, which is very high, sounds silly narrating the show.  But now that I've seen a few, it's all grown on me.

The writing of the show is very good.  One of the creators of the show went on to make "Quantum Leap" and "JAG".  The plots are good, solid, and entertaining.  Tom Selleck is very easy-going, yet handsome and romantic.  I'll bet they figured men would watch this show for the action, and women would watch it to see him (especially in those tight little shorts he often wore).

Even though the show is from the early 80's (especially the first season), it is not very dated.  The stories are still fairly relevant.  It is great to see the tropical locale, too.  I love Hawaii and watching the disks makes me want to go back.

The disks on this set are two-sided, so they hold a lot of episodes.  Rather than the standard specials, like, "The Making of Magnum", they give us two bonus episodes of "Simon and Simon" where Magnum crossed over into that other 80's show. I love "Simon and Simon", so I am glad to see that.  I really enjoyed watching these and can't wait until the other seasons come out on DVD!!

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