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MacGyver - The Complete Second Season



MacGyver - The Complete Second Season (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 8/18/05

Fans are sure to be happy to have the MacGyver second season DVD set. The third set comes out in September of this year. The first four seasons were the best-written of the show, in my opinion. The second season was great because the writers developed the characters more, particularly MacGyver's buddy Pete and his friend Jack. Otherwise, the show is the same as the first season, just more of the same but slightly better.

If you didn't get the first season disk, don't worry. You will not be lost. The shows are episodic, self-contained, not like today's dramas where there is always a soap-opera subplot. In later episodes, the show has some two- and three-part episodes that get more involved.

The packaging is pretty much the same as first season, too: no extras. That's a real shame. I hope one day they come out with the set again, only this time with extras. The package is smaller than the first season because they are able to put twice as many disks in (but they are not double-sided, at least).

If you are an action fan, you will definitely enjoy this set!

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Updated 8/19/05  


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