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MacGyver - The Complete First Season


MacGyver: The Complete First Season (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/15/05

I fell in love with Richard Dean Anderson while watching a short-lived show he did for UPN called "Legend".  I didn't watch MacGyver when it first aired, but finding that I loved RDA made me interested in MacGyver, so I have since watched the show in reruns on cable.  The character he played in Legend was much more rough-around-the edges than in MacGyver.  MacGyver is a real hero, although he would be reluctant to agree with that title.  Still, it is still RDA and he has that crooked smile and sarcastic voice.

MacGyver was your standard action show, much like its peers "Scarecrow & Mrs. King" and "Magnum: P.I.".  That means, sometimes it was great, and other times it wasn't.  I enjoyed watching this set, but I'm anxiously awaiting future seasons on DVD because the show got better as time went by.  This is not always the case with TV shows; I find that most are best in their first few seasons and then after a while they peter out as the writers run out of ideas or have to change the stories to suit the networks or the star.  I think in the case of MacGyver the changes were definitely for the better as the characters became more in-depth and the stories more interesting.

You should definitely buy or rent this set to get to know MacGyver, and Richard Dean Anderson, before embarking on the further adventures of the show.  You may be disappointed that the DVD has no feature or extras (maybe this is standard now for Paramount because their other set, "Charmed", also had none).  It would be nice to get the actors and writers' take on that long-ago first season.  Let's hope that future packages will have the much-wanted extras!

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