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Review by Suzanne 7/24/07

Lovejoy - The Complete Season 1

Lovejoy Season 1 DVD cover 

This is a great British show from the 80's. It reminds me somewhat of "The Rockford Files".  Both shows have a laid-back, humorous, handsome star that is not always quite honest or on the right side of the law.  Both have a certain goal and are often harrassed by the police in the pursuit of this goal.  Both have friends and associates that they use to assist them in these endeavors.  They usually win in the end, usually with much humor.

Lovejoy stars Ian McShane, whom modern audiences may know more from his hit show "Deadwood" on HBO.  Lovejoy is an antiques specialist.  He buys antiques and sells them, but he is not a shopkeeper. He looks for antiques that may be very valuable, even if the person selling the thing doesn't know it.  He restores the antique and then sells it to someone else.  Even though Lovejoy is good at his job, he is not rich.  His ex-wife took most of his money and belongings, and he still supports his teenaged daughter, so he is always looking for more money.  His landlord Gimbert is a constant thorn in his side.  Gimbert lives to make Lovejoy suffer, although the two are also somewhat friends.  It reminds me a bit of the relationship between Magnum and Higgins on "Magnum, P.I.", although it's even more adversarial.

Lovejoy often encounters thugs and other dangers while pursuing his antiques, some of which are very valuable. He is also a ladies' man, so there are many beautiful women in the show.  His main companions in this first season are Tinker, his alcoholic partner; Eric, a reluctant slacker student apprentice; and Lady Felsham, a bored rich housewife.  Felsham and Lovejoy like each other, but she stays true to her husband, even though her husband is gone a lot.

The show is a lot of fun and very interesting.  I wouldn't call it educational, but it does have some interesting historical tidbits in the plots that you might learn from. It is great that they finally put these shows out on DVD. I don't know why it took them so long. The show ran for a long time on A&E.

Whether you like the show or not may depend on whether you think McShane is charming or not.  The show is mostly about him and his antics.  If you are not used to watching shows prior to 1990, you may find it a bit slow-moving.  I find it charming and great fun.

The only extra is an extra with McShane talking about his character.  It is a great extra, but I still wish there were more.  Thankfully the show does have closed-captioning, which is something that is sometimes missing from other older shows on DVD. I thought some of the episodes were not great quality visually. I assume that's because the shows are old and they no longer had a good print.

Anyone who loves fun, light shows, or British TV, should own this set! I can't wait for season two.

Children should not watch it because there are four-letter words and sexual situations.

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Updated 7/24/07 


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