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Love Boat: Season Three Volume One DVD cover


Love Boat: Season Three Volume One and Two

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 1/15/17

I watched this show in the 70's and well into the 80's. It's the perfect kind of mindless television that is fun and light, like marshmallow. You watch it and then forget about it.  Sometimes it's nice to watch something just for fun.

There are three things that made this show a success.  #1, It's very romantic, of course, like reading a romance novel.  Everyone ends up happy in the end.  #2 It has beautiful scenery.  Whether they're cruising in the carribbean or in Alaska or some other wonderful place, there are many great shots, where they filmed on location.  #3 It has fabulous guest stars. You get a great mix of older film actors and 70's TV actors. I love watching the episodes now and seeing my favorites back when they were younger.  Love Boat does this more than most shows from back then because there are so many guest stars.

With Season 3, they were in their prime. You get all of the main characters. The Captain's daughter, Vicki, joins the cast in this season. If you love fun, romance, escapism, silly humor and great guest stars, you should love this set.

The only disappointment is the lack of special featuers. On the first volume, all they have are promos for the episodes. On the second one, they do have the "Home & Family" reunion from 2015, so that was cool to see.

Apparently season 2 came out in 2009. You'd think that in 8 years, they could have come up with some more cast interviews or something. These people are all still alive! They had a great reunion photo in 2014.

Make sure you check this set out. You won't be sorry!

Love Boat: Season Three Volume Two DVD cover

You can Read My Review of Gavin MacLeod's book. It's a fascinating read for anyone who loves this show.


Love Boat: Season Three Vol. 1 & 2
Street Date: January 17

Set sail for love when the classic television series, The Love Boat: Season Three washes ashore on DVD! Included is all 27 episodes from the third season of this lighthearted anthology series featuring tales of romance and comedy aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship. 

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