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 Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/12/07

As a Babylon 5 fan, I really enjoyed watching this. Any peek into the B5 universe, any new story, is great. The show was so great, and I really miss it. There aren't too many shows I could say that about. The writing of the show was always so good, that it rose above everything else on television. So I would probably watch even a really bad, inferior version of the show, with no budget, as long as the writing and characters were still there. That's how much of a fan I am.

Part of me, however, wonders why they bothered with this DVD set. There are only three "short stories". Why didn't they make more? These feel like parts of the show, almost like scenes or something, that they never got around to releasing. One is very very short. So it was sort of disappointing in that sense - I really wanted more. One feature involves Scoggins and a priest. I really didn't like that one because of the religious aspects. There is another one where a reporter is interviewing Sheridan. To me, that one was way too short. Then the third and best one had Sheridan arriving at the station and meeting Lando's successor. The three tales were all loosely related and take place at the same general time.

The only other problem is that I wish we could have seen more of the regular characters from the show. Sadly, two of the actors have died, so they couldn't exactly do that. For any show that has such a long history and detailed background, it's hard to make new ones because it is constricted by what has already been written. You can't bring back characters who have been killed off, for instance. And the other factor is the aging. You can't go back in time and make the actors look younger to do a story that may have happened back during the original show because the actors just look older and it would be distracting. I think Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan) looks great, but Tracy Scoggins (Monica) really looks older. I enjoyed seeing them both, but the old saying "you can't go home again" really does sort of work here.

Still, if you are a huge B5 fan like I am, you MUST have this DVD set to get the few scraps they are giving us here. There are three extra features. One has Boxleitner and creator/writer Joe Stracyzynski sitting around, chatting, and that is great to see. Another small short has Tracy Scoggins showing us around the Lost Tales set. In the third feature, Stracyzynski chats with Peter Woodward, who was a fairly minor character on Babylon 5 but is featured predominantly in one of the Lost Tales.

Anyone who did not watch the original show may still enjoy this DVD, but they might also be a bit confused...or maybe it will just whet their appetite for the rest of the shows, and they will want to go rent or buy the whole set of Babylon 5 DVD's!

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