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Logan's Run: Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 4/5/12

I was a big fan of the original movie "Logan's Run", but for some reason I never watched the TV show. Of course, back then, we didn't even have VCR's, let alone DVR's or DVD's, so you had to pick and choose what shows to watch, in their timeslot, and that was it. It was only on for one year, so I didn't get much of a chance to hear about it. It was on Friday nights, opposite "The Rockford Files". Friday night was a bad time slot for shows that kids and teens may have wanted to watch (because kids go out on Fridays), and Rockford Files was very popular, so it's no wonder it didn't last.

To be fair, the pilot was not all that exciting, so that may have contributed as well. It does get better after the first episode. I don't know, though, if viewers would have really followed it for very long. It's a lot like Star Trek (and that only lasted 3 seasons!), but I do think it's slower. Also, at least with Star Trek, they had a whole universe to explore. In Logan's Run, they only have the planet, and it's kind of silly that they kept running into all these different pockets of humanity (as well as aliens, robots, etc.). Not to mention the premise that after only 200 years, a world that was devastated by nuclear war is okay again (It would take thousands of years, from what I've read).

What I like about the show, besides the fact that it's scifi, is that it stars Gregory Harrison. He is not only really cute here, but he was always a fine actor with a lot of charisma. I didn't see him until his show "Trapper John, MD" which came along two years later. 

Also, I belonged to a scifi club at this time (in San Diego), so there were lots of people running around in Logan's Run costumes at the club and at scifi conventions. Seeing those little toga-like outfits and such sure reminds me of those fun days. I even got to meet and spend time with George Clayton Johnson, who came up with the original Logan's Run idea and wrote the book. The book is very good, by the way, and well worth reading. It's very different from the movie or TV show. At one convention, he had a small group of us enthralled as we sat there, all on the floor in a circle around him, in a corridor, and listened to him talk about the book and other ideas. It was very cool.

I'm not kidding when I say that the show is like Star Trek. It has a lot of the same actors and writers as that show, so the writing is top-notch. The android character Rem reminds me quite a bit of Data, who came along later in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Although he does say "fascinating" in the pilot, he's not much like Spock). It's fun to watch the show and see all the great guest-stars that you may recognize from other shows and movies.

There are only 14 episodes, and 3 of these did not air on TV, so I guess the show did not even last a full season. That's really a shame. There wasn't a lot of scifi on TV or movies back then, like there is now.  What's even more of a shame is that there are no extras or features. It would have been nice to hear what the cast and crew said about the show. I know Gregory Harrison is still around and acting - he was on "The Ringer" this year on The CW!

Check it out if you're a scifi fan or liked the movie. It is worth watching.

More Information:


All 14 Original Episodes in a 3-Disc Collector's Set!

BURBANK, CA (December 15, 2011) - Experience a suspense-filled, futuristic run for survival - '70s style - as Warner Home Video (WHV) releases Logan's Run: The Complete Series. Based on the original novel and popular film, the cult classic science-fiction television series comes to DVD for the first time on April 10, 2012. The 3-disc collector's set includes all fourteen original episodes.

In the post-apocalyptic 24th century, the planet has been devastated by nuclear war and surviving communities exist in isolation. Citizens live in total bliss in the City of Domes until their 30th birthday, the date they are lured to an event called Carousel. They believe they might be renewed in a new form but instead they are executed. Not everyone accepts the propaganda and efforts to escape to Sanctuary, located outside of the city, are increasing. These "Runners" are hunted by Sandmen. Although he's a Sandman, Logan begins to question if being renewed actually occurs and if the outside is truly uninhabitable. When Logan tries to capture Jessica, she fuels his doubts and he ultimately joins her in an attempt to find Sanctuary. When news spreads of Logan's rebellion, Logan's former partner is sent in pursuit of the pair as they make their way through an unfamiliar world.

"We are thrilled to bring another classic TV series to DVD with the much-anticipated release of Logan's Run: The Complete Series," said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. "Clamoring fans have been looking forward to this release, and now they, along with younger generations, can experience this cult favorite once again."

Logan's Run: The Complete Series stars Gregory Harrison (Trapper John, M.D.), Heather Menzies (The Sound of Music), Donald Moffat (A Clear and Present Danger) and Randy Powell (Dallas).

Episode Guide

1. Logan's Run

2. The Collectors

3. Capture

4. The Innocent

5. Man Out of Time

6. Half Life

7. Crypt

8. Fear Factor

9. The Judas Ghost

10. Futurepast

11. Carousel

12. Night Visitors

13. Turnabout

14. Stargate

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