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Little Britain: The Complete Collection

 Little Brittain: The Complete Collection (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  12/6/07

This show ran for 4 years in Britain. It's sort of like Saturday Night Live or one of those other sketch shows. Unlike the U.S. ones, the sketches are generally very short. This means they don't have time to run out of steam, like so many SNL and Mad TV skits do. If they are not funny, it moves along quickly to the next one. The range of comedy goes from really stupid to spectacularly funny, with everything in between. Oh, and it is narrated by Tom Baker, which should make Doctor Who fans happy.

The basic idea is that it shows how idiotic people can be, especially in the UK, since that's where it's from. It is worth watching if you a) don't mind really filthy humor sometimes, and b) like to laugh but don't get offended easily.

It has many extras, including interviews with cast members Matt Lucas and David Williams, documentaries that go behind the scenes, some other specials and featurettes, some sketches they did for comic Relief, deleted scenes, commentary and more. They packed a lot into this collection. Fans of the show should really appreciate this set.

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Updated 12/6/07  


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