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Life As Know It - The Complete Series

 Life As We Know It The Complete Third Series (DVD)

  Review by Suzanne  1/1/06

This is a really good show. I wish I had seen it when it was on the air. I seem to recall that it had a really bad time slot (there were 3 or 4 other things I watched that were on opposite it, so I never watched it). I think people couldn't figure out if it was a sitcom, a teen show, a drama, or what.  It is sort of all of those and a soap opera, too. I have really enjoyed watching this fine set and I'm very sorry that it got canceled.

Sean Faris (Dino) is the star of the show; he went on to play one of the cast in FOX's "Reunion" (another great show).  His talents, charm, and good looks are really showcased here.  The show is mostly about him and his two friends, and somewhat revolves around their love lives and Dino's family problems.  The show has a gimmick which may have turned some viewers off--the action is frequently stopped so that the actors can talk directly to the audience.  That may have been off-putting to some people.  It gives it a sort of unintentional "Malcolm in the Middle" feel which doesn't always work.

The acting is very good and the story compelling.  The show is engrossing and fun to watch. Too bad it didn't last long. You will enjoy it on this set and I hope it becomes a DVD classic.

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Updated 1/1/06  


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