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Liddsville - The Complete Series


Liddsville: The Complete Series (DVD)

Review by Suzanne 2/15/05

I was a big fan of another Sid & Marty Krofft show, "H.R. Pufnstuff", when I was a kid.  Somehow I missed this show, "Liddsville", which is an attempt to duplicate "H.R. Pufnstuff"'s success.  Both shows feature a young guy who is swept into a weird fantasy world with colorful characters and a bad villain that is always trying to get rid of them.  With H.R., the boy was Jimmy, played by Jack Wild; in Liddsville, it is an older boy, Mark, played by the Munsters' Butch Patrick.  Billie Hayes played Witchie-Poo in H.R. but played a Genie in Liddsville.  Charles Nelson Reilly was the villain Horatio W. Hoo Doo in Liddsville.

It looks like Liddsville tried to be more "hip" and had more music and "groovy" slang that the kids would like, plus more psychadelic colors.  Apparently Butch Patrick became a bit of a teeny bopper star and the show was a hit for a while.  I guess I would have loved the show, if I had seen it (I'm not sure why I didn't watch it, as well).

Small children should love the show because of its stories and fun characters.  People who grew up in the 70's might enjoy seeing the retro clothes, colors, dialogue, and music.  The special effects are laughable today, but little kids wouldn't notice that, I don't think.

The set comes with some audio commentary by Butch Patrick, and an interesting interview with him.  It also has interviews with Billie Hayes and Charles Nelson Reilly, and some pictures from Patrick's private photo album.  Pretty much everything you could ask for!

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