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Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3

by Suzanne 9/5/08

This is a great show for kids of any age. It's very clean, and cute, and fun.  I didn't expect to like it much, frankly, because I am not a kid and because I grew up reading the Legion of Superheroes comics.  The show is nothing like the comics.  However, it is a very engaging show. It is funny and has a lot o humor. It is something that you can sit down to watch with your kids and not be bored.

The original Legion of Superheroes comics were very serious (for comics).  I am fairly sure that Superboy was in the Legion, not Superman, but for some reason they call him Superman in this show. Otherwise, the characters are all the same: Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl, and Brainiac 5.  They don't have Cosmic Boy or Supergirl, for some reason.  In the comic, Superboy is asked to join the Legion.  They live in the future, so he journeys there to do his Legion duties. I just always loved this comic because it was futuristic as well as being about superheroes.

The art is similar to what they had in the Teen Titans series (which to me looks similar to Japanese animation).  Everything is all jazzed up and modernized, like their costumes.  I hope someday they do a more realistic version of the Legion, but for now, this is a good reminder of the comic book version.

Unfortunately there are no extras on this DVD for fans to enjoy, and there are only five episodes on the disk.  In that sense, it's not a great bargain. However, it will keep you and your kids occupied for a while, so maybe that's good enough.

Video Clip: "SUN EATER" 1:02

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Updated 9/27/08  


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